Trinity Wellness offers an innovative Integrative Health experience, individually tailored to suit your healthcare needs. Dr. Clemson provides a down to earth, personalized and nurturing style of care that is both straightforward and deeply compassionate. At Trinity Wellness, you are the driver of your experience and she provides the support you need to address health challenges, promote prevention, enhance and sustain optimal health and move you forward into a vibrant state of Being.

This practice is the culmination of years of study, hard work and education as well as decades of hopes and dreams. It is my vision of how healthcare should and could be. It is the creative expression of my desire to serve through sharing my healing gifts, talents and passions. It is my hope that like-minded, like-hearted people will find a home here and walk beside me on the journey of discovery and healing transformation. It is my dream that together we will usher in a new paradigm of health and wellbeing. It is my belief that together, we can bring Health and Care back into healthcare.

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Dr. Clemson’s MISSION is to inspire you to connect with your highest state of wellbeing; to guide you on your healing journey; to empower you to unveil your innate healing potential; and to partner with you to create a foundation for sustainable wellness.

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